Our Credo


We never forget gratitude and are always thankful to others. We should appreciate in being able to spend a simple day like today and be thankful for everything that we have.


We are aim for the same destination (goal) with my colleagues. By maximizing our teamwork, we take the initiative to achieve the same destination (goal) together.

Carry Through

We carry through with our plan once it has been decided. Never compromise. Be responsible for your own work and make a habit of carrying through until the end.


Take the initiative and get ourselves into action. Instead of being passive, make a proactive approach. Decide, transmit and approach on your own, and take responsibility as a businessman, not like a commentator.


Maintaining the current status is a sign of a decline. We make improvements to reach better status. Today is better than yesterday, tomorrow is better than today. We repeat betterment to make significant achievements in the future.

Be Positive

Negative thinking does not produce anything good. Always think and speak positively. Stay positive and influence others positively.

Fun Environment

Good environment, good smile, good workplace. It’s a place we spend most of the day with our colleagues. Smile and share the best environment with your colleagues.


If you say you’ll do it tomorrow, do it today. We understand the importance of time, so do not waste even 1 second. In a month, we complete what others do in a year.

120% theory

Do what we need to do now. We predict beyond the expectations of our clients and commit in providing 120% or more than what they want.

God Is In The Details

Give importance on details and maintain high quality. Regardless of having to do double work or triple work, check 5 times or even 6 times if necessary. Always focus on efficiency. Never compromise on making the best business all the time.

Eyes on

Keeping your perspective high. Act and judge as high as it is. Look up in judging your actions and grasp the current situation to make improvements.


The opposite of failure is a challenge. When we get lost (when we lose), it’s the time for a challenge. Any failure is a chance for the next step. Enjoy, challenge and challenge again.


Greet others on your own initiative. There is no simple communication other than greetings. We open people’s doors by greetings.

Be Thoughtful

Be thoughtful to others and act like that. People who were treated thoughtful treat others the same way. Be considerate of what others feel.

Excitement (Waku Waku)

Face work happily. Look for fun at work and be excited about new things to get started. Enjoy yourself anytime in any situation.