Tips on how to manage stress and anxiety in workplace and in other aspect of our lives

A successful workshop or seminar is a result of careful planning

Enough time to prepare everything on the part of the organizers of the said workshop or seminar. Some of seminars and events may be costly some not. The purpose of such seminars is to achieve the desired objective and one must consider the topics that will be suited to the target audience. In this modern wold of technology there are various ways we can conduct a seminar. A resourceful organizer must be keen and adaptive to change.

Conducting seminars or workshops are done to acknowledge some issues, concern or aspects that needs improvement.

Every seminars are different and is unique depending on the topics chosen to be presented to a group.

Seminars ideally are should be held in a different places. No seminar is ever the same.

There are a lot of things needed to prepare before conducting a seminar.

Below are the things to consider when conducting a seminar:

  1. Preparation Phase – finalize everything from the flow of event to all the resources.
  2. Budget – how much money we need to push through with the seminar.
  3. Theme/Topic – think of a relevant topic to be discussed.
  4. Presenter – choose a presenter that has a wide range of knowledge about the chosen topic.
  5. Target Group – is the topic applicable for a certain group (age, gender, ethnicity, interest, personality type, etc.)
  6. Venue of workshop – where the seminar be conducted.
  7. Final detail of workshop- determine how long the seminar will be, the equipments needed, hand outs, breaks, and the deadline of the response of the participants.
  8. Feedback – seek for a feedback from the participants of the seminar.

November 21, 2019 marks the firs seminar/workshop ever conducted in Bbo Co., Ltd – Philippine Branch.

All the PRP agreed to have the topic “How to manage stress and anxiety”

The group enjoyed the said topic since it is relevant and timely. These group has been very participative with the activities provided.

People experience different kind of stress everyday. The feeling of stress is triggered by different factors; family, friends, work, financial and the list goes on.

If these stresses interfere with our everyday life then there must be really something wrong going on or a more serious issue we need to focus on.

Stress and Anxiety have various effects physically and psychologically.

Stress and Anxiety may even give a mental or emotional symptoms. and if these are not properly managed these may lead to a more serious health issue such as heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and a lot more life threatening sickness. If you feel that this stress and anxiety is taking a toll on your health do not hesitate to seek help from medical professionals.

We at Bbo are lucky enough to have experienced this seminar so we will know the warning signs and also be knowledgeable as to how we will be able to manage them.

We would like to extend our gratitude to International volunteers for opening our minds about stress and anxiety, how to manage them.

Bbo will continue to support employee growth and professional growth.