Bbo Co., Ltd – Philippine Branch creates a happy, healthy workplace environment for all employees

Creating a healthy working environment is a must to all companies to create a great outcome especially nowadays there are a lot of factors contributing to stressful atmosphere. It all boils down to a good working environment for an employee o be motivated, to be a lot happier and a lot efficient at work.

Healthy Environment at BBO-PH

A healthy working environment is proved to reduce stress, reduce absenteeism and most importantly it  increases productivity. We at BBO would aim to have a healthy, and happy environment as well where freedom, creativity and passion naturally come out because they are comfortable and secure.

There are a lot of things that we need to consider to achieve such.

1. Creating a great culture.


Every company has its own kind of culture that would define the company, what is more valuable? what are the set of standards that an employee must follow? If this is set clearly then there would be great decrease of feeling unhappy or being upset to someone or to something.

2. Safety and security of employees.

A safe and secured environment reduce the worry of each employee. We make sure that all the cables are taped, we have comfortable tables and chairs, we set up a cozy pantry with couch and table where they can enjoy coffee, tea and some cookies in the morning.

3. Health and Lifestyle for all employees and their dependents.

We got a great coverage of Health Maintenance Organization  (HMO). We enrolled them to Anytime Fitness to promote health and wellness. We conduct also a monthly group or gym activity. We encourage them to eat healthy, take breaks, and we take them to team buildings every month. Our prime purpose is to decrease sick leave and increase productivity.

4. Support and our concern to employees.

We look at them equally and if they have personal problems we let them know that we are here to support and is willing to give them space if needed in time of challenges.

In summary, it doesn’t have to be expensive to set everything up. We only make sure  that we give the best to our employees. Happy employees correlates to the success of the company. They are more creative, innovative and dedicated and chances are high they will stick to the company longer.