Bbo Co., Ltd – PH Branch monthly group activity program to increase wellness and decrease work stress

Most often, people from all walks of life associate their jobs with the stress they are having. Most of us are having a hectic kind of life. We spend long hours of working in the office, we spend most of our precious times doing the usual, wake up, go to work, go home and sleep. We tend to live a sedentary lifestyle. And so, Bbo thought that it should also be the place where health and wellness is promoted. We are lucky enough that part of the benefit when you join Bbo family we make sure that we are all covered to keep everyone healthy.

Health is wealth. Without our good health we can not function properly, we can not focus and work productively. Juggling work, family and friends will be as hard as we can imagine if we don’s have a sound body and mind. One of the most common reason why a lot of people do not engage with physical activities is because of lack of time. This is very common especially to those who are working and always having a shift change.

It’s a fact that happy employees are healthy employees. So here we are trying to sweat all the stress out. We engage in Core Fit and other activity every month such as Zumba, Hiit, Nivana and Yoga as well.

Maintaining a healthy body would mean and require constant effort. We can’t achieve the body that we want in a snap. That is why we need to maintain a healthy habit if we want to achieve our goals. Sitting on a chair 8 hours a week and your eves focused on the screen will eventually take a toll on you. In Bbo we do the best that we can to give our employees a balanced life. Come join us on our journey to healthy life!