Bbo Co., Ltd – Ph Branch conducted one-on-one amongst employees to promote feedback sharing a routine

As part of the company’s pursuit in developing employees greatest potential. We come up with the idea of doing one-on-one. Preparation was done, despite the busy schedule. One-on-one activity may be time consuming, however, the time spent in doing so will benefit the team and the entire company when it is done right. It will be very difficult to gather an honest feedback with all the employees during a random day.

The one-on-one activity is a great avenue to allow your employees to be honest about how they feel, what are their strategic plans for the project, how are they outside work. First thing we need to consider are the schedule and how are they are gonna take it and the agenda of the said activity. In Bbo we allow the employee to naturally tell things such as his/her goals , their strategic plans, what they feel about working as a team.  We try to make it informal so they will be more comfortable.

Each one-on-one last on a maximum of 30 minutes. A regular one-on-one activity will help make a feedback sharing more easy and it will later on create a better relationship amongst project responsible person and team members.

First day of our one-on-one session. Our HR/Admin officer conducting a very light one-on-one with our D2C project point person. Project point person of Marketing conducting one-on one to one of her team member. Talking some important things about their project. Collaborating on how to have a strategic plans for this quarter.

HR/Admin Officer conducting one-on-one with one of her member for a project. They are discussing and very open to all suggestions and opinions. A constant communication with employees helps build a good and stronger relationshios based on mutual respect. Once the employee is heard he/she will have to trust you more, employees will be more open as to how they feel may it be personal or professionally.

If an employee trust its project responsible person, one will be motivated to work even harder and prove that they are worthy of the project or tasks given. If you actively listen to employess carefully, clarify questions and reaffirmation will absolutely bring you closer to what is being conveyed. Acknowledging their contribution and demosntrating respect to employees will mold a more honest and a remarkable employee.